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While system installations represent a majority of our business, we strive to offer ongoing maintenance and service for all of our installed systems. We can help with changes to your systems, or regular inspections of system operations, and we are available to help with the maintenance of your systems.

We can provide an individualized maintenance programs to meet your requirements. Unlike so many others who provide a “Cookie Cutter” approach to service programs, we sit with you and devise a plan to meet the needs you have. Whether you need to have someone to clean and refocus your cameras, provide extended warranties for your fire alarm, or just need someone to archive and back-up your access control system for you, we can help.
One area we can help with is annual fire alarm system inspections. Massachusetts State Law (527 CMR Section 24.08) and New Hampshire State Law (Saf-C 6000 part Saf-C 6015.5) mandate annual inspections of automatic fire alarm systems. In some jurisdictions this may be performed by the owner's staff but even there, the technicalities and liabilities indicate that a thoroughly professional evaluation, test and certification of the fire alarm system is a responsible act to provide for the welfare of the users of any facility.

Other types of maintenance including sensitivity testing of every device, which requires specialized equipment, are available as well in New Hampshire as well as Eastern Massachusetts.  We not only have the correct equipment but have fully trained staff that are able to inspect the system as required and provide the owner with the required complete report on the system.

An inspection also can be a cost saver as part of an ongoing maintenance program.  It will often catch a potential problem early. This allows you to resolve any problem on your schedule rather than requiring an emergency service call. With each inspection, the facility receives an Inspection Report with the status of all devices and indicating any areas of deficiency or concern. In most cases we can even provide any necessary repairs while we are at your facility rather than setting up a service call for another day.

We schedule Fire Alarm System Inspections to meet your schedule. Please contact our Service Manager for details on fire alarm inspection.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 1-781-245-6785 or e-mail