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Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance
While system installations is our largest volume producer, we strive to take the time to annually service installed systems. Whether its helping program clocks when the time or schedules change or regular inspections of system operations, we want to be available to help with the maintenance of systems.

One area that many installers avoid is the annual fire alarm system inspection. Legal necessities mandate annual inspections of fire alarm systems in some facilities (such as hospitals, nursing homes, residential care facilities). In some jurisdictions this may be performed by the owner's staff but even there, the technicalities and liabilities indicate that a thoroughly professional evaluation, test and certification of the fire alarm system is a responsible act to provide for the welfare of the users of any facility.

Depending on the system, the inspection may require sensitivity testing of every device; this requires specialized equipment which is not affordable for the limited service that most owners would have. We not only have purchased the correct equipment, but have a fully trained staff who are able to efficiently inspect the system as required and provide the owner with a complete report on the system's operation.

An inspection also can be a cost saver as part of a maintenance program because it will often catch a potential problem and allow for non-emergency resolution of any problem. With each inspection, the facility receives an Inspection Report enumerating the status of all devices and indicating any areas of deficiency or concern.

We schedule Fire Alarm System Inspections to meet your schedule of operations and try to group inspections in an area to reduce your costs for travel to your site. Please contact our Service Manager for details on fire alarm inspection.

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